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    I accepted my appointment to USNA in January and emailed USAFA that I was no longer interested in pursuing an appointment there. I had an LOA from USAFA but no nomination as it was not listed as my number one choice. The day after I emailed USAFA admissions and said that I wanted my application withdrawn my portal changed status to appointee and appointment declined. Here is where it gets interesting, the admissions team emailed me about 2 weeks after I declined and said that I had been selected for a Vice Presidential nomination and they wanted to know if I would reconsider attending USAFA. I was really surprised that they were still handing out nominations this late in the game and especially after I had expressed that I would be attending USNA. Any thoughts on how the VP nomination system works? I did apply for VP nom and put Air Force as my choice just in case that long shot worked out. To me it just shows that anyone can get a VP nom so might as well throw your hat in the ring.
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    Yes and yes. That’s why it’s been said here time and again: Apply for every nomination you’re eligible for.
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    VP noms are always among the last to be awarded and are actually made by the academies. They use them, for example, to get that kid who had an LOA but no nomination, etc. Their used to get the folks they really want when there is no other way to accomplish it. Two other participants on these boards got the appointments this year via the VP nom.
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    I once heard about a Blue and Gold Officer who blackballed every candidate who told him that they had not applied for a Vice Presidential nomination based on a sober risk assessment because, to the BGO, "it speaks to motivation." Stories like this are surely to embolden that BGO...

    99.9% of the time (yes, that's 999 out of 1,000), applying for a VP nomination won't make a bean of difference, in my opinion.
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    If a BGO asks a candidate if they applied to EVERY Nomination source they were eligible for, and the answer is anything but a “yes”, I’m sure the BGO will not be impressed. It is a sign that the candidate is not motivated enough to do everything in their control to increase their chances of gaining an appointment.
    That’s why it has always been said here on SAF to apply to every nomination source that you are eligible for. The OP is an example of that logic.
    Ask yourself “Why wouldn’t I?”