Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets ROTC Waivers?

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    I’ve been thinking of applying to Virginia Tech as a cadet, however, I just have once concern, if anyone could help me out.

    In their handbook for incoming cadets that would “like to fully participate” in the program with or without a scholarship, it states that a DoDMERB Qualification form must be brought with you. I thought you only had that exam if you win a scholarship or commission during junior year?

    I was prescribed 3 or so inhalers when I was younger to help with some congestion from a cold, and it went away after that. However, at 16, I visited the doctor after my cross country coach insisted I get a checkup and I passed a PFT (spirometry test) with flying colors and the doctor said I was medically cleared of asthma, but insisted I have an inhaler just in case of the off chance it ever came back.

    If the DoDMERB Qualification forms state that I’m medically qualified, won’t I get dq’d for that and not have one? I don’t want to apply for an ROTC scholarship while still in high school, but I assume I must have to apply for a waiver, so my main question is how would that process work if I’d like to go into the corps of cadets as a non-scholarship cadet? How do I go about applying for a waiver without a scholarship? When would I apply for it?
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    Filling out the DoDMERB form and doing the DoDMERB Exam are 2 different things. My guess is they want to see what medical conditions you may have and they are using the DoDMERB form to gain that insight? Sounds like you just need to fill out the form and send it in.

    Good. Include this in the comments section of the form you submit.

    I think you are mixing up some things. The form doesn't state you are "qualified". The DoDMERB doctors determine if you are medically qualified to enter into a Service Academy and/or receive an ROTC scholarship. In your case, I believe the VTCC Doctor will determine if you have any medical conditions they need to be aware of (food allergies) and any issues that would prevent you from participating in the physical activities as a cadet. There are VTCC cadets that have conditions that prevent them from gaining a ROTC scholarship and/or commissioning into the military, but they are still allowed to fully participate as a member of the VTCC. My neighbor's son is doing that. Given your plan I see no need for you to "do DoDMERB" or apply for a medical waiver. (That's not how it works anyway. As you said, for ROTC you have to be awarded the scholarship first, then they schedule the DoDMERB Exam). It does sound like from what you have written you may need to fill out the DoDMERB form? Double check that. It is also possible you just have to fill out VTCC medical form since you aren't trying to gain a ROTC national scholarship right out of high school. The VTCC Doctor will review your form (whether the VTCC medical form or the DoDMERB Form) and determine if you are medically qualified to be a VTCC cadet.

    To double check what I have told you, contact the VTCC medical staff with your questions.
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