Virginia Tech Shooting

There are no words. I know you all are as horrified as I am over it. Its a sad tragic day indeed.
terrible events

We live about an hour from Virginia Tech. My son received a NROTC to Va Tech and also was accepted to their engineering program. He has many friends that attend Tech (graduated last year) and needless to say we are very worried and awaiting news from their families stating that they are safe. Tech is a beautiful school and the fact that something like this could happen there should sound alarms to other schools around the country. My heartfelt prayers are with everyone involved with Virginia Tech.
My son's HS had folks all day, email and texting on their phones. Friends of my son have all made contact through friends and family. The teachers at my son's HS were just as worried as the brothers/sisters sitting in class. These were THEIR kids too.

One friend of my son who left the core of cadets last year, lives in the dorm West AJ. He doesn't expect to let back in tot the dorm for 3 days. He is at his girlfriend's brothers along with a couple other guys there are 800+ looking for places to sleep.
Certainly our prayers go out to all of the victims - and to the entire Va Tech community.
As a parent who has sent two children off to college - this is a nightmare I don't even want to think about.

Some of you on this board have ROTC scholarship at that fine school. Please do not let this tragedy negatively influence your decision to attend. You were accepted to this school and offered a ROTC scholarship for your intelligence, leadership and character. This school needs you more than ever now. Be proud that Va Tech wants you and needs you to become a part of their community.

Our local Roanoke news just stated that an AFROTC Cadet was among the victims at Tech............very, very sad
My prayers are with all who experienced a loss. Did anyone catch the video? That was scary.