vision correctable to 20/20


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Nov 1, 2008
I was d'q a while ago for having distant visual acuity not correctable to 20/20. I just went to see another eye doctor this past Saturday, per request of dodmerb for uscga waiver authority. I was found to have vision correctable to 20/15. So does my d'q go away or will cga just pass the waiver? or do i have to do something to rebut the d'q? thanks
U send the results to me if you have them OR if it was done by the Contractor, we get the results; evaluate them and render a new determination or USCGA evaluates and renders a final decision.:thumb:
ok thanks. do you know about how long this could take? and the results will be mailed to dodmerb from the eye exam center, or should have already bee mailed. thanks
Send me an email to my office so I can follow-up. Thx:thumb: