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    Is the vision requirements different for the USMMA versus the other SA's. My son showed me on the USMMA website about vision not exceeding +/- 6.00 diopters, but the other service academies are +/- 8.00 diopters (according to the DodMERB website). However, I cannot tell by the way that it is worded (since I'm not a doctor) if we are comparing apples with apples. His vision is like -6.25 for his contacts and -6.75 for his glasses. I know by what I read that exceptions are highly unlikely - so I am not even trying to go down that road. Vision has not been brought up by any of the coaches that he's already spoken with, but I'd like him to have that conversation this week with USMMA with some background knowledge. I believe his eyes are fine for USNA and USMA, but it's USMMA that I am asking. Thanks.
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