Visiting USNA


Jul 21, 2017
Hello. Me and my family are planning to visit the naval academy for the first time on Columbus day weekend, just double checking if they are doing visitors this weekend. If anyone knows, please tell me.

Thank you.
Should not be a problem for a visit. Their web site will have all the information you're looking for. Make every effort to pay your respects to John Paul Jones at the church. The entire campus is something to see so plan well for a good long visit and walk around. Enjoy!
The Air Force - Navy game is Saturday and it is a boat show weekend too. Lots and lots going on including lots and lots of people every where! Plan ahead for parking.......
@usna2019AR Call Admissions and ask about the briefing schedule for that weekend.

The Visitor Center is probably running its usual walking tours.

Ensure your govt ID meets the standard:

With the AF home game on Saturday and Fall Boat Show, traffic downtown will ooze, and parking is very scarce, as noted above. Public parking garages will fill up early, street parking will be either reserved for Boat Show exhibitors or rare. Consider Ubering in from one of the Annapolis shopping areas just outside DTA (Downtown Annapolis). Use the intersection of Randall St. and King George St. as your destination, right near USNA Gate 1.
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