VMI and tomorrow’s leaders- Charlotte Observer

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    Interesting OpEd piece in today's Charlotte Observer:

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/05/26/4062313/vmi-and-tomorrows-leaders.html#storylink=cpy
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    Thanks Bruno!
    We too leave VMI, still impressed and able to say that it does live up to the hype! I remain proud my association and my son's attendance.
    This 1st class year gave him a well balanced life - finally ME classes were manageable only about 16hours/semester, so enjoyed being RDC, playing rugby, and this spring he finished up as one of the Navy unit's companies CO's.

    The prize he had worked for was achieved -when his grandfather was his commissioning officer! Somwthing they had both looked forward to.

    Graduation followed the next day - he successfully completed mechanical engineering with a minor in math and attempted the concentration in nuclear engineering - completing the courses but just missed the gpa to claim it.
    Nevertheless very proud of his finish.

    Reported in as Ensign the next day! (for the Navy - immediately upon commissioning and graduation they are on the payroll)
    He has received his orders for pensacola for first of july! - Last october he had been selected for Pilot, in january he learned his waiver for his old (pre PRK) eye shape was NOT given, he was moved to a slot as NFO (naval flight officer).
    I say again, I appreciated all the words of wisdom and insight during our 4yr at the castle - Bruno especially gave so much - I thank you. For those just beginning their adventure, enjoy the journey, relish watching the accomplishments, the time flies by! -larrys mom

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