VMI and VT chances + some general questions?

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    Firstly, thank you for taking your time to read this as this is a very stressful time in the year (for HS senior like me). This is also my first time using this forum so I apologize for any possible inconveniences.I know this is not a chance me calculator but any help/advice would be helpful.I wanted to know my chances, if you can, for me making these universities: VMI (Virginia Military Institute) and VT (Virginia Tech)

    SAT-1510 (1030/1600 CR + MATH)
    GPA- 4.04 (W) and 3.9(UW) (6 AP level courses: AP STATS, AP CALC 1, AP CALC 2, AP Physics, AP World Hist. and AP English/Lit.)
    Extracurricular activities:
    -NHS (1YR)
    -V. Boys Tennis (3yrs and 3 letters)
    -JV. XC (1 YR)
    -NJROTC (4 YRS)
    -FBLA (1 YR)
    -SAC (1 YR)
    Leadership activities:
    - NJROTC Public Affairs officer (2 years)
    - NJROTC Academic CDR. (2 years)

    I will be honest in saying that I worked very hard in my HS years and studied extremely hard (5 months) for the SAT. Unfortunately, it seems that only my test scores do not reflect my hard-work or diligence for a lack of a better word. Instead of dwelling over the scores I will take ACT. Also any advice for the military institute in general would be helpful. I am working towards becoming a fighter pilot in the Air Force (Aerospace engineering will be my major at either college). I understand the requirements on that and I have good (20/20 vision) and no physical problem.Thank you all for your time, it is much appreciated. :thumb:
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