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    Jan 10, 2014
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    I was curious to how club sports are run, and was wondering when a cadet would sign up for them, specifically club lacrosse. Are they just walk on?
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    Yeah, they are just walk on. According to my source, most Rats don't play club sports because they're so busy already with Rat activities and school work. But I think if you're interested in doing them, you just show up on a posted day. I assume for a sport like lacrosse they'd have a tryout, but I'm not sure.

    I'll be doing club boxing hopefully! :thumb:
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    Club Sports are practiced & played during Military Duty - unless there are tournaments or scheduled outings.

    Rats have Rat Training during Mil Duty unless they are on "Permit" - i.e., a Varsity Sport.

    Therefore, no club sports for Rats for majority of 4th Cl year.

    After Breakout* Rats may join Club Sports or Intramural Sports after B/Out.

    For all of you prospective cadets - do yourself some good by checking out this kind of info at VMI.edu, reading the Cadet Handbook (currently '13/'14) or simply calling your POC on Post.

    There is enough Stoop-Poop without creating more online.

    Were I in your shoes I'd worry less about which Club Sport I am going to do 14 months from now than I would getting mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for matriculation & the Rat Line. It will be a Marathon Gentlemen and will tax you in ways you cannot anticipate.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm. I really do. You'll need every bit of that when confronted with the reality.

    But having read many of your posts, both of you, I'd caution you to temper your enthusiasm with a dose of hard cold reality. Its not just being a Rat - in many ways being a 3rd is more difficult than being a Rat. Your entire cadetship will be a long, up hill, grind. You will both look back next fall and understand what i am saying better than you do today.

    For now, enjoy being High School Seniors. Get in even better physical shape. Have fun this summer. Enjoy the 1st Civ-Div. To paraphrase Game of Thrones "August is coming."

    * last I knew. it has been a stone age since I was there.

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