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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by USMA2019, Nov 6, 2014.

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    Hello all,
    As mentioned by the title I have a few questions regarding early decision to VMI as well as admissions to the service academy. I was under the impression that if I got into VMI early decision and if I received an appointment to a service academy, I would be able allowed to not attend VMI and instead attend a service academy. However, today I just received an email from VMI's admissions stating verbatim "I noticed you listed other schools such as West Point and Naval Academy... You applied for admission as a Early decision applicant and I wanted to reiterate that if we accept you, we expect you to attend VMI". The admission office is allowing me to switch my decision to regular, but my question is, was my original belief correct? Thanks
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    I guess it comes down to how they define the word "Expect" I notice it did not say you are "Required to attend".

    That would be the thing you would want clarification on.
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    From here: http://professionals.collegeboard.com/guidance/applications/early
    Perhaps VMI uses a different definition for early decision but I highly doubt that. Bottom line: If you're accepted to VMI as part of the early decision program then "supposedly" you're legally obligated to attend VMI. Whether they could enforce that or not is an open question.

    If your first choice is one of the service academies, then morally you should change your application to regular decision. Your decision though...
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    google "early decision legally binding" and read a few of the links. Then I would suggest you call VMI admissions and ask the question and West Point admissions and ask the question. technically it looks like ED = Binding, but there is nothing VMI can do to you other than blacklist you, if you don't show up next fall. The question is, what will West Point do to you if you backed out on an ED commitment, and that is what I would recommend you find out from them.

    I'm going to guess your best bet is to change your application to RD.
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    +1 Clarkson

    ED acceptance is not "legally" binding. It is possible that VMI has something in the fine print suggesting you would be contractually bound to attend. Have never heard of it. They would have to sue you in that case. Otherwise, you cannot be forced to attend. You cannot be fined by the school or the government.

    It is widely understood that when applying ED you are broadcasting to the world that the school is the one you want to attend. The only kosher way out is on the basis of your ability to pay and the financial aid package offered. Even that is ambiguous. Is a $2000 difference enough to justify reneging? Is $20,000 enough if your parents are fabulously wealthy?

    This is all 2 year old info, but I have hear of admissions departments contacting HS guidance counselors and even admissions departments of other schools to which the student is applying in order to verify info on the app.

    In the end, a classmate of DS 1 applied ED and was accepted at MIT. Was later accepted Regular Decision at Stanford. I cannot imagine the cost of attendance varied by more than a couple of 000's. He blew off MIT and went to Stanford. I will always remember him as arrogant and as having difficulty with lines on a tennis court.

    Follow Clarkson's advice and best of luck!
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    All the other post answers are great, of course! Just wanted to let you if the timing is an issue for you, my son applied to VMI without EA or ED last year and received his acceptance 5 days after all the ED decisions went out, so I don't think you will be waiting until April or anything...if that sets your mind at ease at all in that regard! Good luck to you :)
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    +1 Kinnem

    Early decision is binding. If you applied early decision, your counselor and parents had to sign agreeing to it and understanding what it means and its terms. Early Decision is only for those students who are 100% sure the college they are applying to is their first choice, no matter what else comes their way. My DS went through a similar situation last year and his counselor and the college of his choice recommended he not do early decision if would accept an academy appointment if accepted to one later. While the college may not be able to force you to attend, they will frown upon future applicants from your school for awhile. Why? Your counselor signed the early decision agreement and maybe doesn't understand its intent. It is not an early action agreement. Also, what if you get accepted to USMA, but don't pass the DODMERB? What are your plans then? Or you get an injury in the spring or early summer? Wouldn't VMI be a solid backup? You'll burn that bridge though by disregarding the terms of early decision.

    I would think about switching to regular decision. Discuss with your parents and counselor as they are agreeing to early decision, too. Remember all of your signatures are on the line.
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    MIT has Early Action which isn't binding not ED. The way schools enforce ED is that they circulate lists of ED admits. If you apply to additional schools not only do you lose your spot at your ED school but you are effectively blacklisted at other schools. Many schools make exceptions for SAs but that is up to the school

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