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Does anyone know if a VMI scholarship can be applied to room and board if the student is on an ROTC scholarship?

Falcon A

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Boatdad -- recommend you contact VMI Financial Aid Staff -- they can help you form the right strategy

AROTC will cover either "tuition," or "room and board," . . . so you have a choice . . .


I confirmed what Falcon A stated with regard to VMI. I asked the question because other colleges that my DD has been accepted to also offered her academic scholarships that could be used for room and board even if she was on a full tuition scholarship from ROTC.
It should be noted that there are additional scholarships available, by application and interview, through the VMI Institute scholars program that can be used for room and board.
I called VMI Financial Aid today regarding DS. Was told that the VMI Local scholarship will "go away" if there is a ROTC scholarship. Regarding what Falcon A states above with tuition OR room & board, since we are out of state, we will go with the tuition being paid :) instead!
This is what we did. My DS has a 3 year AROTC scholarship. The first year he had the vmi local scholarship. The second year when his Army scholarship kicked in he lost the local.