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Feb 2, 2008
I was looking at the VMI web site and in the current news section found the two most recent headlines below. Somehow it struck me that these two headlines symbolize what VMI is all about. If you visit the VMI post you may walk thru Marshall Arch named for George Marshall '01 or past Memorial Gardens where plaques commemorate brother rats lost in the wars of the nation, and then you walk into Daniels courtyard, named for Jonathan Daniels '61, an Episcopal seminarian named a lesser saint by the Anglican church after dying to protect a child during a freedom march in 1963. Leadership and service come in all forms and shapes in roles that you may not foresee when you are 18 years old- but they all value discipline, devotion to duty, honor and integrity. I salute the latest VMI combat casualty Sgt McMillan and mourn with his family, and congratulate Mr Dernovsek for his efforts in Lesotho.

VMI Alumnus Killed In Iraq
7/11/2008 | by Stewart MacInnis

William L. McMillan III, 22, died July 8 of wounds suffered when his patrol was struck by an improvised explosive device.

Alumnus Serves as Peace Corps Volunteer
7/9/2008 | By Sherri Tombarge

VMI Alumnus Andrew Dernovsek ’06 serves as a Peace Corps volunteer in the African country, Lesotho.
That spirit of service is both humbling and infectious. I'm really proud that VMI produced such amazing people as these, such tributes to our entire nation.