VMI Personal Statement words count


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Dec 5, 2017
I am about to write a personal statement for VMI, but it doesn't mention how many words are limited. Anyone please let me know the word limit. Thank you
I would imagine that it should fit on the one page fillable PDF form they give you on the web site.
They didn't ask me for an estimated word count, so as THParent said, I just filled the page.

Essay was just about 500 words.
No minimum. Optional. Best if you do it. Be sincere.
Spoke to an admissions officer and she said there was no limit to word count, and applicants can add pages to the pdf doc if their essay is too long. My essay is ~700 words so has about half a page extra. This is a little late but if any VMI applicants are reading this thread I hope this helps.
Welcome aboard Jai. What attracts you to VMI?
Thank you sir. I'm planning on earning an Army commission and serving my country with pride. VMI seems like a great opportunity to experience a full-time military lifestyle (or at least getting as close as possible to that experience) before making the decision to contract.