VMI Rat Mass 2019+3 Matriculation Preparation

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    Again, congrats on your appointment and your decision to attend VMI. As of today, 16 July 2018, since many will be traveling on 16 or 17 Aug to be at VMI for events that begin in the AM on 18 Aug, you are about 30 days away from Matriculation. If you were not able to attend STP and haven't yet started your workout program, today would be a great to start doing those sit-ups, pushups, pullups and running. Map a plan to workout 5 or 6 days a week. Time to get ready! Best wishes!

    VMI Appointment Thread for Rat Mass 2019+3

    1. Mw8997, DS, TN, AROTC, Mechanical Engineering.
    2. sad16480, DS, PA, AROTC, Mechanical Engineering
    3. GoArmy2022, Self, IN, (AROTC?), Psychology -- USMA
    4. parentofhopeful, DS, CT, NROTC- MO, Mechanical Engineering
    5. Pargo2022, Self, TX, Undecided ROTC, Mechanical Engineering
    6. tr3y_w, Self, VA, AFROTC,International Studies
    7. Hpaki836 DS, VA, AROTC, Civil Engineering,
    8.jessjackjoey,DS,CA,AROTC,International Studies
    9. C76706340, Self, MI, AROTC,Biology, Undecided but most likely cycling
    10. Vmi2022!, Self, Beijing China, AROTC, International studies&History
    11. Class_of_2022 , Self, Kentucky, NROTC, International Studies&Cyber Security, Women's Swimming &Diving (recruit)
    12. RahVaMilWopo, Self, California, AFROTC, International Studies, Women’s Water Polo (recruit)
    13. Phantom, DS , Virginia, NROTC, Mechanical Engineering
    14. OCS93C, DS, Texas, NROTC -MO, Economics/Business, NationalSecurity
    15. MCFP0665, Self, Georgia, NROTC-MO, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    16. letsgoservetheserviceboys, Self,North Carolina, AROTC,International Studies
    17. vpardew, Self, AL, AROTC,Physics, Power-lifting
    18. Sargon, DS, PA, AROTC, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    19. Army2022Hopeful, Self, MD,AROTC, International Studies
    20. RGW051, DD, Va, AROTC, IntlStudies
    21. Raunpro, Self, NY, AROTC,Biology, Baseball (probable)
    22. VMI2022, Self, VA, NROTC-MO, Foreign Languages
    23. alusna22, Self, AL,NROTC,Economics/Business
    24. VMI Swimming, DS, PA, AROTC, Civil of Mechanical Engineering, Swimming
    25. marinemom114, DS, CA, NROTC-MO, History, Swimming
    26. PtoudVMIPar, DS, VA, AFROTC, History
    27. VA-VMI, DS, VA, AROTC, CivilEngineering, Rugby/Combat Shooting
    28. VaNavyMom, DS, VA, NROTC,Mechanical Engineering -- USAFA
    29. clvmi, Self, Virginia, AROTC, International studies, soccer
    30. Azvmi, self, Arizona, NROTC Marineoption, international studies, NCAA Soccer.
    31. Canes2022, DS, Oklahoma, AFROTC, sports science, track
    32. Jenniferolee, DS, TX, AFROTC, Mechanical Engineering, NCAA Soccer
    33. Big Macs, self, VA, AROTC, Modern Languages
    34. momneverquits, DS, NJ, NROTC, Mechanical Engineering
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