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    I received some exciting news today. I was selected to receive an Army ROTC scholarship to Virginia Military Institute. It is four years- full tuition. I am so happy! I have worked very hard to get to this point in my life.

    However, I am also applying to all of the service academies, but have not heard back from any of them yet. I am qualified for all three academies (physically, academically, and medically), but I only received a nomination to West Point. My dream ever since I was little was to attend USMA (I am originally from that area). I am now faced with a lot of options that I am very grateful for, but it's just a lot to think about. My initial back up plan if I didn't get into USMA or USMAPS was to attend The University of Baylor's Honor College and do ROTC for a year and reapply to West Point.

    Now I feel like if I go VMI, I won't want to leave.

    Any insight on my situation would be appreciated or just any information about VMI compared to the academies would be appreciated. (I am a female)

    Thank you!
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    Sounds like a good problem to have. Good luck and congratulations :thumb:
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    That's awesome somthingbiggerthanmyself!!!! You're very blessed to have so many great options to chose from. I know your family must be proud and happy about the 4yr AROTC scholarship to VMI and/or possability of attending USMA. You have no idea how many current HS seniors and parents (including myself) would love to be in your position knowing most, if not all of your college education will be paid for. You've obviously worked hard and earned the great opportunities.

    From everything I've read on this forum, if you get into West Point or USMAPS, most people on this site including me, would advise you to take that choice over AROTC scholarship to VMI or any other college for that matter. Especially if you're intending on serving in the Army or make the military a career.

    My DS will be attending VMI this fall as an out of stater from Texas. We visited VMI in February and we were both very impressive with the campus, administation and teaching faculty and students we meet and talked to I've never been to West Point so I can't compare the two, but I'm sure WP is equally if not more impressive than VMI. They both have their own great qualities.

    Well I hope you let us know what you decide. I hope USMA gives you a decision soon. If you end up at VMI maybe and my DS and I will get to meet you and your family one day.
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    To poster - my congrats! as well - your decision is one that only you can make - since you asked will share, because your anticipated expectation may well come to pass.
    My son also had academy as first choice, received a 4yr NROTC to VMI (his backup plan). While he reapplied that RAT fall to same academy, by parent weekend he told me that even if he received nom this second time around, he didnt think he could leave. As he said, "what I had as a goal, I found, just not where he had thought it would be."
    RAT year is tough, but the atmosphere, honor code, the bond - was totally what he had expected at academy and yet had found at VMI.

    To be fair tho - one classmate did leave after RAT yr - that cadet received an appt to academy and did leave. So some do choose that journey, it would be your choice, your decision.

    GOOD LUCK, my son is a 1st class, Mechanical engineer major, scheduled to commission and graduate this May. While he is anxious to continue on his journey
    (received aviation), he has never looked back and never regreted staying at VMI. The castle is a special place indeed - you could be very proud to attend and become an alumni. - larrys mom
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