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    Can someone please clarify if the NROTC scholarship covers the complete cost of attending VMI? VMI's website states, "The fee structure at VMI is very different from those of other colleges. VMI costs cover everything (except books). The quartermaster charge includes clothing, laundry, tailoring, and haircuts. Room & Board includes living in the barracks and all meals. The auxiliary fee includes medical services, cadet facilities & activities, athletics, and other services. 90% of VMI cadets graduate in 4 years."

    This leads me to believe that the cost is not broken down and therefore does the scholarship cover the whole thing?

    The website also includes this information:

    The Cost of Attendance 2011-12
    Tuition and Fees

    $ 6,622.00

    Room and Board
    $ 7,446.00

    Auxiliary Fee
    $ 3,862.00

    Quartermaster Charge
    $ 2,700.00

    Total (new cadets)
    $ 20,830.00

    If room and board are not covered with NROTC scholarship, does it cover the auxiliary fee and quartermaster charge?

    Thanks in advance for help. DS has NROTC scholarship assigned to VMI and now we've got our fingers crossed that he gets an offer from the wait list. Starting to look at other units with openings to come up with Plan B since his first choice school has frozen their wait list.

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