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    So basically I've decided I will be listing VMI as #1 and North Georgia as #2 on my scholarship application.

    Of course, I will attend VMI if I receive the scholarship, it is my dream school. However, if I do not receive the schoalrship, the out of state, $42,000 per year price tag is kind of scaring me. Is VMI good with giving grants and scholarships to those who need it?

    And there is always North Georgia. I would gladly attend UNG with scholarship, and I was planning on going there if I do not receive the AROTC scholarship to any other schools. I love the fact that it is only $18,000 per year, even if you are out of state.

    Does anyone have any advice or comments on these two choices? I'm only interested in Army ROTC. Any info about life at either school would be great!
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    That being said I think it depends on the other things you are looking for. I've never seen VMI and I've visited UNG a couple of times, so I'm just gonna list the some aspects of UNG and hopefully someone can fill you in on the VMI side of things.

    -UNG have civilian and military students whereas VMI only has military students, this makes the school in general more squared away where as I've heard from cadets at North Georgia that it's the chillest SMC
    ***you have to choose what you're looking for in terms of strictness
    -UNG is the only Senior Military College which doesn't have all branches of ROTC, so they are more focused on their Army program
    -If you like to do things like hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or exploring in general North Georgia is great because Dahlonega is full of outdoorsy stuff
    -North Georgia is pretty cheap (your first year is the most expensive at a grand total of about 18,500 (this includes tuition, room, board, books, uniforms, activity fees everything else); (you already covered this, but still)
    -North Georgia is a smaller school with fewer people, but since it's a Senior Military College you are still guarunteed a Commission
    -You are allowed to join Sororities and Fraternities once you get off Quarters (mandatory study hours), and can join clubs even before that with express permission: for me the best part about this (esp considering that VMI has fraternities as well) is that these Sors/frats also have a mixture of cadets and civilians
    -It's a dry campus but you can always (once you get civvie privs) drive down to Atlanta or Athens (home of one of the biggest party schools in America )
    -If you're into Moutaineering, you HAVE to go to UNG because Mountain Order of Columbo http://ung.edu/military-college/orga...of-colombo.php
    -If you're into girls you might like that UNG has a 60:40 girl to guy ratio :thumb: while VMI will likely never even approach 50:50

    In the end I think both colleges are probably great, but where you go depends on what you're looking for


    [btw I did copy, paste and edit my post from the UNG vs Norwich thread]
    this post isn't a full opinion because I don't know what VMI is like other than what I've heard/researched, it's simply some of the aspects of North Georgia that I'm aware of
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    There's a lot on here about VMI if you do a search.

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