Volunteering for a deployment/ taking a semester off


Nov 7, 2018
I’m currently a MS1 cadet and am also junior enlisted in the Army Reserves. I’m debating if I should try and volunteer for a deployment for next fall semester/ next school year. The main reason I would want to deploy is to get some actual active army experience in and see how everything functions within big army. A weekend a month really isn’t giving me as much experience as I thought. What would you see as being drawbacks of trying to hop on to a deployment( hopefully combat if I have a choice) next year? Would you see taking a semester/ year off for a combat deployment being beneficial in the long run? My MOS is 27D.

A cadet looking for insight.
one of my buddies was put in a similar situation! In my opinion, school comes first because if you don't graduate on time, then the Army can possibly say "goodbye" to your commission. In addition, taking a semester/year off of school can negatively affect your grades in the following semester. You'll probably forget a good amount of information after deployment and spend a lot of time playing "catch-up" with school. Which could lead to you not getting your top choice when it comes time for branching.

TL;DR it might set you back further than it would help you grow.

The choice is yours but I hope this helps high speed!
+1 jimmy3
Agree with the above. Getting your degree and maxing your OML points comes first. You will have plenty of time to learn "Big Army" stuff. In the meantime, you need set an example for others in your battalion and show leadership to your fellow MS-I cadets.

Also, talk to your chain of command. They will most likely give you similar advice.
Agree also with everyone above. Life moves fast. Don’t rush it. You’ll have plenty of time to gain experience. And that time of growth will serve you well.