Vote!!!! Bill the goat


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Feb 8, 2009
Please go to and vote for USNA's mascot.
you have to vote for the other head to head competions between the other mascots. you can vote once a day per computer so if you have two computers vote twice. vote everyday.

At a different site, there's a contest for the "best college football fight song." Air Force got knocked out in the first round, but Navy and Army are both still in it. The current (2nd) round ends 3 Sept, with an additional round each week until 24 Sept.

Vote often. Here's to a championship matchup between Navy and Army!

Anchors Away
On Brave Old Army Team
Oh's Bill the Goat vs. The Dawg! Someone's Bill vote was just canceled. :biggrin:
Beat Army! Vote Texas A&M! Gig 'em Aggies!

This is a winner many ways at our house. Voting Navy over ut. And, being as three of us are Texas Aggies, voting A&M over Army.
Maybe I should not have posted the Army link on the USNA forum. :rolleyes:
Uh, voting is very important!
Get out the vote!
You can vote once a day!
Well, I don't mind supporting ARMY since they are not competing with NAVY, yet.
Easy sign-up is on the bottom of page one!
The contest links have changed!

C'mon NAVY supporters!
Scroll down and vote..

and then back to here, click below and vote again, like PACHRIAN says...
Vote, people! Georgia Tech is currently leading over Navy :eek:

(um, you can be honest...Am I taking this too seriously?)
Thank you!

PS Throw ARMY a vote if you can, so we can beat them in the finals, just like December coming early!
take it as seriously as possibly, one of my firsties is the one that is promoting it hear. we want to win. vote EVERYDAY!!
Ok, I voted! And will do so again tomorrow! Who said it "Vote early, vote often!"

tpg, I like Army's new uniforms. And we are total USNA fans. I think the cammo is cool. When they debuted them at Army-Navy last year, our whole family, plebe to be included, thought they were cool. Army is the only school that can wear that uniform.

We need to get Bill some respect. Anybody notice that the ESPN team calling the game Saturday called our mascot a RAM more than once?:yikes:
In all fairness, he kind of looks like a ram. Who is expecting a team to show up with a goat as a mascot?
The ESPN guys were not Navy fans. One of the announcers got inducted into College Football Hall of Fame at halftime for his playing as a Buckeye and one of the players was the son of one of their colleagues.
I thought it was funny when they finally just started calling coach "Coach Ken".
keep voting everyday every week until we win all the match ups.
thanks for the supposrt thus far. tell everyone. if you have a computer in class vote there also. spread the word.