Any idea of what the boot brand VTCC uses? Was thinking to get my freshman a pair to break in during the summer before he gets his pair in lat July.
The boots aren't the issue, it's the shoes. Make sure he gets a pair that fits. My son got a pair that was too small and got blisters. Eventually, he had to take them back and get a bigger size.
I get the smallest every year. If you run out you are able to add more money but I have never run out of dining dollars. If you are a person who likes to eat a lot and/or doing lots of exercise your mileage may vary. There are no mandatory meals where all cadets have to eat together. There is a mass rush to Turner (dining hall with bagels and "blue plate" ex. eggs, bacon, etc.) after formation so that would probably be the closest thing. During the day everyone has different schedules so people kind of do their own thing for food. I do get dinner with my friends probably 2-3 times a week.
Another question is the scoring for the Physical fitness test? Is it different for each rotc program at vt or does the cadet corps have there own test
Different for each ROTC program. Score sheets can be found by googling "[insert ROTC here] PT test scores" or something similar. Citizen-Leader Track has its own PT test which I believe is modeled after and graded on a modified Air Force scale.