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    My DS has recently been added to the wait list but has been scheduled for CVW since Jan. He believes there will be no appointment from USNA even though he asked to be confirmed on the wait list - he understands it is a competitive year. He does not think he should attend the CVW because it will not have an impact on gaining an appointment. DS is very pragmatic and doesn't want to waste anyone's time or money - his, ours, a mid's or USNA's. I'm thinking that he could very well be the only candidate there without an appointment - which might be difficult. I want to encourage him to go - leaving all doors open and gaining all information, but will he fall in love with it and then get the final rejection. Am I placing too much hope where there should only be guarded optimism? USNA has always been his first goal - dad is a graduate and he visited the campus about six years ago. On the flip side, he feels very fortunate to have an appointment to USMMA, he visited and loved it. Should I step away and just let him make this call? I hate for him to dismiss any possibilities. He always gives it everything he has and I know he will be happy with either school. However, will he hurt his chances for a possible appt to USNA by canceling and not attending the CVW?

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