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    I'm a senior in high school right now, and I've completed and submitted my app (I submitted before the early date), and am still waiting like the majority of applicants. Would you be so kind to read below and tell me what you think about my chances (I know it's hard to tell). Sorry for how long this post is.


    This is the nom' status on my portal:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 7.02.16 PM.png

    I'm not quite sure what if this means I've actually been given a presidential nom, but I got a call from Rep. Woodall's office confirming that I got the Congressional Nomination.


    My biggest worry is my GPA, it's a 3.5 with only a couple non-honors/ap classes. That being said, I explained to the academy my first two years of high school were at the top 7th school in the United States, and my GPA's progress as 2.9, 3.7, 3.9, and 4.0 (pending completion of this year). My father was in the Air Force, so I moved in the middle of high school.

    My super scored SAT is a 2000: V/CR-690, M-670, W-640.


    I have 4 varsity letters in Cross Country, and 2 in Track and Field.

    BT: 64ft
    SR: 9.3s
    Pull Ups: 7
    Push Ups: Max
    Sit Ups: Max
    Mile: 5:55

    I am an Eagle Scout through three different troops (due to military moves)
    I have completed a 30 day National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) course
    -- Graduation Grade: A (college level grade)
    -- Graduation with Honors

    Letters of Recommendation
    I submitted all three extra letters, from:
    -- Maj Gen. Vice Commander of Pacaf
    -- Former Enlisted PJ
    -- MD Psychiatrist at Havard

    I know this does't really matter, but I have three older brothers who are either attending or have graduated from service academies (USAFA, USCGA, USNA), and my father went to USAFA.

    Thanks for reading this far! I know this is a lot!

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    I think you're in the game. Legacy should matter more than it does. To me it shows that you know what to expect, and are ready and willing to accept the challenge. Your dad and brothers succeeded, and the chances are you will too!

    I hope you get good news soon. Your family sounds spectacular... thanks to all of them (and mom) for the service and sacrifice!
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    To continue on the topic of legacy... Both of my parents graduated from USMMA. I applied to all five academies. Does their legacy carry any weight as far as the other four academies are concerned?
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    My son has received appointments to USAFA and USNA. Do you know which academy of the two your brothers liked the best? I know its a tough question. My son wants to be a fighter pilot.
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    Legacy adds a tiny tiny amount to the WCS. It really doesn't factor in. I have seen legacies do amazing at a SA and others flunk out. My next door neighbor at USNA... His Dad became CJCS not long after we graduated. Talk about pressure. More than anything it usually helps candidates because they know what needs to be done to help build a great WCS along the way in high school.

    OP, it shows you have 2 noms and a completed package. That is good. Remember school profiles are a big part of a transcript. So if you school was that top notch the SA will know.
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    Falcon 87, congrats to your son!

    I know that many cadets get pilot slots out of USAFA as long as they are PQ (my brother just graduated from pilot training in columbus, MS). That being said, it very well could be easier to get a pilot slot out of USNA purely because the fact that a lot fewer midshipmen want to fly. In the class of 2015, the USNA had to force pilot slots on midshipmen.

    That's pretty much what I know, I hope it helps!
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    It's more than just wanting to be a pilot. My DD got appointments to both academies as well, but she decided to go USAFA for a couple of reasons:
    1) From my DD's perspective, USNA aviators (pilots pilot a ship) are mission support. They protect the ship, etc. Flying IS one of Air Forces main missions.
    2) During a tour she asked a firstie his opinion. He said both academies are great but, "Flying is sort of in our name."
    3) From a more personal perspective, she didn't want to feel "damp all the time." Well, what do you expect from an AZ girl? Ha!
    4) Ok, her dad is a USAFA grad. That always plays into it a little bit. :)

    Seriously, though, have your son decide which mission is the one most interesting to him. It really is more than just about flying.

    Also, USNA likes to state they have more pilot slots. Be careful when reading that. Ask which aircraft they're talking about. Pilot slots can refer to helicopters & Osprey as well.

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