Waitlist & Other Possibilities

i got an email today saying i was wait listed for NAPS, does anyone know what kind of odds there are when someone gets waitlisted?

Did they use the term "wait listed". This is something new to me for both NAPS and direct entry. In past years, I have heard CGO stories of cold calling rejected applicants up to, and including, I-Day.

If it is a wait list all the way to NAPS reporting date in August, it could be a long wait.

Bottom line, I have no idea what the odds are and I doubt if anyone in CGO will tell you. However, they do owe you a good explanation of what it entails, so call either them or your BGO.
"Currently you are on the "wait list" for the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS), which is why you have been notified as of yet. We have notified those candidates that were competitive to receive direct offers to NAPS. There is a possibility that we could extend more offers to the preparatory school within the upcoming weeks but they will be handled on a case by case basis."

This is the email i recieved from my RO, I emailed her back and asked what "wait list" meant and what the odds were and my chances, etc. If she emails me back with some good information I'll post it on here.
Thanks Joe, wait lists are new to me for USNA. I do know that earlier in the selection process, NAPS had conditionally qualified candidates, pool candidates, and standby lists. Apparently they are using the wait list the same way civilian colleges do. USNA "knows" what percentage of offers accept appointements. If you look at class profiles, you will note that 1500 or so offers are made annually for approximately 1200 seats. Some have already accepted, some have already turned down appointments, but a lot will happen with the May I deadline. If the CGO has predicted correctly, the excess offers will fill the class. Utilizing a wait list would allow them to send out a few less offers and then, with the wait list, work their way up to the desired class size. I suppose a surprise summer release on April 30 of Top Gun II or Bottom Bubble (submariner version) could really screw them up the other way but it probably won't happen. Additionally, with one reason or another, there will be drops all the way up to and including I-Day, so the wait list could be utilized to keep the class at optimum size all the way to I-Day. I assume NAPS works the same way. What they are saying, with your permission, is, make other plans but be prepared to step in if our predictions are not correct.