Waiver Denied... Appeal process? HELP

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    Hello everyone,

    I was initially disqualified medically for the USCGA for asthma after the age of 13. I took the Complete PFT and Methacholine challenge and all the results came back looking great and perfectly normal. We sent this information in with a letter from my doctor, my basketball coach, and myself.

    Today I was sent this email,
    "Following a thorough review of your Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) exam results and medical history, our Chief Medical Officer has recommended that you not be granted a medical waiver to attend the Coast Guard Academy. The Superintendent agrees with this recommendation and has informed my staff to withdraw your conditional appointment to the Class of 2017 unless you intend to appeal her decision.
    If you wish to appeal the Superintendent’s decision, please notify me as soon as possible. Your request will be forwarded to the Coast Guard Personnel Service Center (PSC) who will review your DoDMERB exam results, medical history, our Chief Medical Officer’s recommendation, and your appeal letter. The Coast Guard PSC is our service’s waiver granting authority and their final decision cannot be appealed further.
    Please let me know if you wish to appeal and I will help you with the process."

    I know very little about the appeal process and there are only 2 months left until R-Day! I have already spoken with William Anderson, the man who sent the email, and told him of my wish to appeal. I need help on answering these questions:

    What could have been on my appeal material that led to the denial of a waiver?
    How can I make the best appeal possible?
    How can I make an appeal when I have already passed the Complete PFT and Methacholine challenge with flying colors?
    What more do they want exactly?

    Thank you for whatever information you have,
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    A message of encouragement....

    My son (CO 2013) was in the same basic position you are in. He was denied, and then given the option to take the MCCT, which he subsequently passed. Actually he passed "too well", and had to take it a second time. It is a finnicky test, and the results can be skewed by improper administration. In my son's case, that may have happened, thus the need for the second MCCT. He passed, and was granted the waiver.

    Question: Did you initiate the MCCT yourself, or were you sent to a DODMERB facility/doc to take the test? If you did this on your own, you may want to mention that you would be willing to retake the exam at a different facility, one approved by Dodmerb. If they did send you for the test, offering to take it again would be ok too, but I doubt they would pay for the test twice.

    As for the appeal process, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get as many letters as possible from people who can vouch for your physical fitness, and lack of reliance on an inhaler. Doctor, coach, maybe even a letter from your parents outlining your history with asthma. If your parents refilled your inhaler (just in case, like I always did, being the worry wart mom) and you didn't use them, then say so in the letter.

    Good luck, and I will be praying that you receive a favorable outcome. Don't give up!

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