Waiver for ear issue (not hearing loss)?

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    My son was awarded a 3 AD scholarship (was also congressionally nominated for USMA but wasn't competitive).

    During the process, in January, my son complained of an ear ache.. knowing he was going to be going through DODMERB soon, we immediately took him to the doctor. He had never had an ear ache before. The visit turned into ear surgery to repair a 'pothole' type erosion in the ear canal next to the ear drum. The surgery was a success, and he has had no hearing loss.

    After the surgery, and all remedials, he received the following DQs a couple of weeks ago (USMA has passed on him, ROTC is reviewing for waiver).

    D121.80 Chronic otitis media, history of after the 13th birthday
    D122.20 Ear drum surgery during the preceding 180 days

    His ear surgery was March 10th, 2013.. so we are just now getting to the 180 day mark. Can we request that D122.20 be removed in some way? The surgery wasn't actually on the drum itself, just right in front of it.

    As far as D121.80... the issue was caused by the defect in his ear canal, which was surgically repaired, and according to his physician was a permanent fix. Is this something that would be likely waiverable? Or is something like this more likely to cause a full DQ?

    My son is currently participating with his ROTC unit, and has no physical restrictions at all. He just completed a water survival lab without any problems. I know we have until next year before his contract starts, but the unit indicated there was some scholarship money and that if he clears medical there might be an opportunity to contract early. They really seem to like him at the company level at least so far.

    Also, should we have his ear surgeon write any sort of letter stating that the surgery was a success and that there is no expectation of the issue to return etc? or will that help at all at this point?
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