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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by HughLeeJr, Jan 31, 2011.

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    My son received his DoDMERB letter today stating he did not meet the DOD medical standards for a "history of dislocation of the knee." This was a problem when he was young and going thru growth spurts. Incidents happened while getting contact playing soccer. Doctors said he would grow out of it and he has not had a problem for 2 years while p[aying soccer year round. What recourse do we have to contest this decision with DodMERB? What further information could be provided? Thanks.
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    First off, as an ROTC scholarship recipient, he will automatically be considered for a waiver. That being said, ideally you need to get the doctor to write a letter explaining that the knee is no longer and issue and he (the doctor) sees no reason why your son can't meet every requirement for service. Second, maybe have your son write his very own letter explaining how important serving his country is and also mentioning that the knee is no longer as issue.

    We did both of the above during the waiver process for our daughter and the appeal was granted.
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    Additionally, if your son has a long term relationship with his high school or club soccer coach(es), have them write a letter stating that they have never seen an issue with your son's knees, even during strenuous exercise/games.

    It might help. I'd like to believe such letters helped our son with his waiver, but I can't be sure.

    Leave no stone unturned....doctors, coaches, a personal letter from your son. Good luck.:smile:
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    Well, the applicant is for the USCGA, not ROTC. Therefore, the first thing that MUST occur for medical waiver consdieration to begin is to be selected by Admissions for an offer of appointment.

    Secondly, HughLeeJr, the DoDMERB determination will NOT change. It was for HISTORY OF...not the current status of the knee. "IF" medical waiver processing occurs, the USCGA Senior Medical Officer will be determining current status and risk assessment.

    If he wants additional test(s), eval(s), and/or information before rendering his recommendation to HQs, USCG he will request it thru DoDMERB to you. If you want to provide additional information regarding your knee, you send it to DoDMERB. We will scan and post it to the secure waiver website for his review.:thumb:

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