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    So after a little bit under 2 years, I finally got my medical waiver granted!!!!

    In 2009 I applied to West Point and needed a Waiver because I have a tree nut allergy (mild-moderately allergic to cashews and pistachios). Well after about 5 months of waiting, I was told I got my waiver denied and I was really shocked and super sad and just couldn't believe this was the end of my dream. What made it worse was after reading a lot of posts from other people with food allergies, I realized that food allergies are hard to waiver.

    I didn't give up though! I went to college and enrolled into Army ROTC and really kicked butt, got my PT score really high, was on Ranger Challenge, Color Guard,etc. I pretty much did everything and got the attention on my cadre and they offered me a 3 year scholarship. I told them that I needed a medical waiver and we built a strong argument to fight for my waiver. So pretty much holding my breath this whole summer, Cadet Command finally granted my waiver!

    So for anyone that is waiting for a waiver or got one denied, there's hope. One thing that I think really helped was, my Battalion Commander suggested I write a letter talking about how my "condition" didn't affect my training (in which it didn't effect it at all, I did everything anyone else could, even eat MREs)

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