Waiver Granted!!!


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Dec 2, 2008
Thank you Mr. Mullen!! Thank you DODMerb!!! Thank you everyone who works hard to help kids get medically qualified (and waivers)!!
Our DS received waiver approvals for USAFA and USNA today! (he got one for USMMA back in Dec.). This is amazing news and a huge weight has been lifted!
It was scary for a little while and I just want to tell you all how it went for our DS.
He received a remedial request from DODMerb for review of his medical history of mild eczema. This was started by USAFA. The remedial exam was done in Dec. USMMA waiver was requested and granted at the end of Dec. In mid January he received a letter from USNA indicating "waiver denied." and we went into overdrive. We contacted Mr. Mullen and he immediately set up his case for review. He suggested our son write a letter outlining his experiences with eczema and his history, also to get a letter from his family practice doc regarding the history. DODMerb posted the additional information to his file almost immediately. The USNA medical officer took another look at his case and recommended the waiver be granted. The waiver was granted today! His status went from waiver denied USNA, to waiver granted USNA. The added bonus, the USAFA also finished their waiver review and granted the waiver today also! It is a happy day. I gather for most reading this that the waiver process is just as tense for you as it has been for us. Just wanted to share the success story. Perseverance certainly pays. Our DS worked hard on his appeal letter, I think it really helped. Don't take that first no for a final answer. Ask questions and do what you can to get the waiver approved (if it is at all possible). People at DODMerb and at the academies are very nice and very willing to help with sound advice.
With that said, our DS's case was very mild years ago and we felt confident that it would not affect his service nor his health. So glad the waiver authorities agreed!:thumb:
Our DS received waiver approvals for USAFA and USNA today! (he got one for USMMA back in Dec.). This is amazing news and a huge weight has been lifted!

Wasn't he also waiting for a waiver from USCGA as well?
Wasn't he also waiting for a waiver from USCGA as well?
Luigi, yes he is still waiting on USCGA. We are hopeful. There he is waiting on waiver and any word on admission also :)
Thank you Mr. Mullen. You truly have been amazing in this process. I would say you are amazing even if the kid didn't get the waiver, really. Thank you for all you do for everyone! :)
Eczema waiver

Congratulations on the waiver!!!
I was looking for looking for information on eczema waivers for the USAFA and USAFROTC and ran across this thread. Did you submit any letters from Dr.'s before your son wrote his letter? I appreciate any advice.
Hi, pm me if you want more details, I have quite a few. NO we did not submit any specialist's letters before son sent his own letter. He submitted his regular doctor's letter (family practice who had made incidental finding of eczema and mentioned it in his medical records). Our son did receive a remedial request initiated by USAFA and he was seen by a Concorde contract dermatologist who recommended the waiver. He has receive the waiver for USAFA, USNA, and USMMA for the mild eczema history after age 8. I will be happy to answer more specific questions by PM. Good luck!
We just found out last night that our son's waiver was approved!!!! Recently, I was trying to explain this process to a friend and they were amazed that someone like Mr. Mullen would personally talk to us and assist us....and someone that we met on a forum who doesn't even know us would help us. I think it speaks to those who serve or the families of those who serve. I have to give it to my son as well for being persistent. I think this whole process will assist him someday as a leader. Somehow this will play a part in his future--when he looks in the eyes of a young man or woman.....Thank you!
Waiver Process Question

Looking for a little "generic" info on the process as to who does what.

Please correct and fill in blanks steps if someone has a notion.

1. Candidate gets the "not qualified" or status changes to "not qualified" letter from DoDMerb

2. Candidate gathers information, sends it to DoDMerb. Letter comes back as 'not qualified', but this starts the Academy's review process.

3. Academy determines if candidate is "competitive", etc. If so, they request a medical waiver. (Are they doing anything else here except reviewing the candidate score, etc? For example, are they looking at the reason for disqualification?)

4. DoDMerb then considers disqualification reasons and either grants or denies waiver? Does each Academy, ROTC have specific Docs looking at the files and waiver applications?

5. If denied, candidates can appeal to ____ with more info.

Does this seem to be the way it works? As time gets short, would like to be prepared.

This is a great forum, thanks to all.