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    Hey everyone, I realized the intro forum probably isnt the best place to put this. So here goes again:
    I'm a senior in high school and have a few questions about the Air force Academy. I received a principal nomination from my congressman, which I heard means the academy must accept me provided that I meet all admission requirements. However, I have been disqualified for asthma by doDmerb, and although I used an inhaler 2 years ago, I was never officially diagnosed with reactive airways disease. the last time I was in the hospital because of asthma was when I was about 5, and obviously I subsequently grew out of it. I am a varsity runner in xc, indoor, and outdoor track, and also went to a pulmonary specialist who did a test to check for asthma and I was cleared and even told I had above average lung capacity. However, DoDmerb still has left me disqualified for asthma, even though I was never officially diagnosed with it. Considering I know have a principal nomination from a congressman, will it be relatively easy to request a waiver, and will I be able to get one? Sorry for the long explanation, I appreciate it.
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    Hi Walker!

    Okay...no easy way to say this...YOU HAVE A VERY UPHILL BATTLE facing you.

    Reactive Airway Disease has been a HUGE "DQ" flag for quite a few years; and sadly, it came about after Operation Desert Shield when we lost a LOT of folks in Saudi Arabia and other countries that had "waivers" and other "classifications" in their careers. The environment was just that harsh; it was horrible for many people.

    The DODMERB folks...really came down, at the behest of the combined Surgeons General of the various services...and ANY reactive airway disease evidenced after age 12 was "almost" universally DQ for life. Period, end of discussion, no appeal/waiver, etc.

    NOW...where do you fit? I find it interesting that you have a DQ without having been diagnosed with asthma. The use of an inhaler...and realize the MOST IMPORTANT FACT HERE: I AM NOT A MILITARY PHYSICIAN...and can only share "opinion gleaned from experience" here...I have had an inhaler prescribed to me for pneumonia. That's the only time. No I wasn't a candidate, I was already an AF officer. But...I could see where a student such as yourself might have the same prescription if they had pneumonia. Would that be a DODMERB DQ? I don't know; but I would think not as it's not "reactive airway disease" driven. Or perhaps pneumonia by definition IS a RAD?

    The only people that can REALLY answer your questions are:

    a. DODMERB
    b. A military physician, but DODMERB has the final say

    You MUST contact DODMERB and find out why you have the DQ, do they classify you with asthma after age 12, etc???

    As I said, you have an uphill battle ahead. I can't say whether or not you'll be successful, but I would attack fast, hard, and furious!!! Do NOT "sit back and wait for the academy to pursue the waiver...this is YOUR future...you need to take charge and go after this, find out what you can do to help make this happen!! :thumb:

    USAFA '83

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