Waiver Re-Evaluation Phase (Heart/Cardiology)

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    Here's my situation: I was originally medically disqualified from AFROTC, b/c of "Palpitations with an unknown etiology" (Palpitations with an unknown cause) . Now thanks to my cadre, I'm still an active cadet since they put me in a reevaluation phase. The issue is now I'm a AS200, FT slots will be nominated in a few months, and this may be my last chance at trying to clear this DoDMERB stuff out. I believe since this is technically my 2nd waiver attempt, if they deny it again, I may be outright kicked out.

    Here's my "Case": My cardiologist and doctor sent waiver docs the 1st time, saying this was no longer an issue. I've had 2 approved sports physicals since I've been in AFROTC; Passing PFAs with 90's+, so I'm very physically able. (I'm not sure if DoDMERB automatically gets/considers PFAs or Sports Physicals though). When I had EKG/Stress Tests done before, nothing unusual occurred during them, so I was NEVER officially diagnosed with palpitations (To an actual licensed physician, I'm just a patient. So I could've just been saying it and have been wrong.) There's even a official DoD Medical Instruction form I found online (http://dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/613003p.pdf) stating: "Unexplained ongoing or recurring cardiopulmonary symptoms (to include but not limited to syncope, presyncope, chest pain, palpitations, and dyspnea on exertion) that impairs a physically active lifestyle." is a DQ factor. However, it's not ongoing nor has it ever impaired my physically active lifestyle. As I said I'm very active/productive at PT and have no issues. The Cadre observes me and I have no issues.

    My questions: What do I do to make sure the AF/DoDMERB is satisfied and determines I'm not a risk? I'm going to have updated tests done soon; what can I have my cardiologist say to satisfy the AF cardiologist that originally disqualified me? Do I have a case?

    Thank you.

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