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Feb 12, 2008
Do you get anything from USNA when your waiver has been denied?
Shows up waiver denied on DODMERB as of 3/4 and nothing in mail yet?
I would think you would get a letter notifying you that the waiver was denied.
My experience with DoDMERB was that it takes about a week or 10 days to get notice in the mail after it shows on the website. Expect a letter around the middle to end of next week.

BTW - sorry about the waiver denial, it's a bummer. good luck.
Scoliosis waiver

My son tried getting into the air force and was permanently disqualified because they said his scoliosis was too high for his age. He is 18 with a curvature of 35 degrees thoracic. We are now trying to get in the navy, the navy recruiters have sent his records off to beumeds we are awaiting their decision now.

My son also scored really high on the asvab do they take this into account?

My question to you is what are the chances of him getting approved for the navy? And what are the limits for the navy when it comes to scoliosis?

The recruiters said he has a good chance and this curvature is not high at all and he should get in.

Thank you,