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    I just was notified of a DQ on my physical it was D154.00 Diplopia. I have two letters from an optometrist and ophthalmologist that were submitted with my physical. And notes from an Army Optometrist stating that, I do not have this condition. What are my chances of this being approved? I have an eye condition that I was not dq'd on that generally has this diplopia with it. But in my case I do not. Please let me know what you think.
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    I would double check with DoDMERB that the additional information that you submitted was received by DoDMERB. I have found that additional information submitted with the physical examination, especially if the physical examination was done by Concorde, Inc, will not make it to DoDMERB and ends up in a black hole.

    If you have additional information that needs to be forwarded to DoDMERB it needs to be submitted separately.

    As for the chances of a waiver, without knowing the exact medical condition that you have I can not hazard a guess.