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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by RancidRancid, Apr 15, 2012.

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    I may have a mild case of eczema (have to have it checked again) I have heard it's nearly impossible to get it waived (NROTC MC Option). I want to be a marine so I will keep fighting untill the very end of the line but I have heard, if it is indeed eczema, people getting waived for the army.

    My question is if I take NROTC MC option for let's say 3 years and I have fought all I could for a waiver and there's nothing to be done, is it even possible to commission in the army? How would that work, does anyone know?
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    Doubtful, even if you could switch at the end of Junior year that is when AROTC cadets go to LDAC to be evaluated for branching and active duty. Perhaps they could send you at the end of Senior year but you would be very behind the curve knowledge and experience wise for the tactical/garrison evals. In addition, the army is very competitive as well for waivers so if the Marines have turned you down it is likely the army will too.

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