We All Make Errors...

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Blacklab, Nov 4, 2011.

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    Oh well, it's in our nature to make mistakes. I don't know what happen but my sons application was submitted in late Aug. in time for the first board. Everything looked very good until yesterday.

    Don't know what happen but it's no big deal, we all make errors. It looks like my son's SAT scores were on the application as required; however, they were not hooked directly to the SAT college board.

    So the bad news (for my son) is there three boards have meet the last was yesterday. He was not boarded on the first two boards because of the SAT college board not being hooked. I was told however that just because his name was not boarded does not put him out he could have very well been boarded they just need the official SAT document. I wish I was more involved now, my son had no idea this needed to be done and we were told it was not his error anyway.

    These people are working hard to help our kids and I'm very grateful. I just feel like a father how let his kid fall.

    The upside is my son's SAT scores are high quality which I found out are in the highest range of what they score him on. He is also a tier 1 and has a very solid education, sports, leadership and community service record.

    There are more boards to come so although he is looking at the first three as a wash he is looking at the remaining as a positive.

    The other good thing is that less than 20 have been boarded from the region which is far from quota.

    Good luck to all but make sure your SAT and ACT information is in the system so they can have the official data.
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    I'm really sorry to hear that, blacklab ): Please don't be discouraged! There's still so much time, and your son's stats sound amazing. I'm actually pretty sure that he beat me out in the SAT composite degree AND the major- if the Navy would drop an ISR on a Tier 3, I'm certain that they'll be wanting him as soon as they see his stuff. Best of luck with this board! :thumb:
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    Good teachable moment....

    When my DS started his journey way back when an AFROTC admin told him to request scores from SAT/ACT, but also send (mail and email) them the official copy that he receives in the mail. From that moment on, he emailed, faxed, fedexed copies of his scores to all ROTC scholarship headquarters and MOC's. It could have been overkill, but I think it helps keep the process moving along.

    I'm sure all will work out for your son, he's learning as he goes and that's the best thing to take away from this. I'm sure this will make him better prepared as he enters ROTC and the military. Paperwork/info gets lost... maybe that should be the military motto!! :thumb:

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