Welcome Aboard Events for the Class of 2022 Plebes Candidates


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Apr 17, 2016
USMMA Parent clubs from around the Nation will be hosting their Welcome Aboard Events for the Class of 2022 Plebes Candidates beginning in April. This is a great way to connect with other parents in your area and meet classmates. There are usually a few current MIDN there to answer questions. The information is posted on the KP National Parents page at: https://www.usmmaaf.com/s/1175/hybrid/social.aspx?sid=1175&gid=1&pgid=1504


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Thanks for posting! Definitely encourage you all to attend your state’s Welcome Aboard event. You get to meet others so there is a familiar face at Indoc as well as gaining important information and tips.
Definitely go if there is one in your area. The kids get to network before they leave and parents can speak about concerns to parents of older students.
There is a south tx facebook page. USMMA south Texas parents association. It is a closed group. If you don't get a response or can't find it let me know and ill pm you the email for it.