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    It's hard to believe that one short year ago we were checking the list for the zillionth time and packing the car. The next morning I was going to send my DS off to discover who he was and what he could accomplish on his own ( my thoughts were had I done all I could to prepare him for life?) well here were are a year later and all is great! Three tri's down and waiting to begin our first sea term..... my time flies!

    my advice: Ladies and gentlemen step right up take your seat, secure the safety belt and enjoy the ride- it's gonna be smooth, bumpy and sometimes down right ugly...... but this time next year you will be the ones saying "it's been a year already????"

    Welcome to the family:smile:
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    I don't like rides! The space shuttle ride (torture device) at Disney was very unpleasant. I don't even like Majic Mountain. DS just texted me a picture taken looking out over the water at KP. I like it just like it is, sheesh! This has been a great day. He's happy. I'm happy. Those DI's seem nice if there are any lurking about waiting to try out their new bat-stuff skills. In very short order he won't be so happy and I am going to try to stay the ( pleasant surprise) upbeat grateful way I feel today. Yes, the sky in my world is blue all the time! Dammit!
    Grabbing a barf bag now, let'er rip!
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    Welcome Aboard

    I have been reading this forum for several months and only recently decided that it was time for me to "jump in" and maybe post a bit here and there on the forum. I cannot think of a better time to start than right now with a WELCOME ABOARD to all the new plebe candidates and their parents. Our DS graduated in 2001 and is now on active duty with the Navy. What a great ride it was during those four years at Kings Point. Certainly there were "ups and downs", but I can assure you that there were many more "ups" than "downs" both for our DS and for us as parents.

    To the parents I would say "congratulations" and now become anything but a helicopter parent. Your DS has demonstrated the ability to think and do, so let them do just that. Not everything will go exactly as they plan, but they need to work it out without any "helicopter parenting". Simply support your DS, be proud of their accomplishments and give them the support they need to work through the tough times and to stay and graduate. Our DS said many times that Kings Point was a great place to be "from" while he was a mid, now he says it is not only a great place to be "from" but it was a great place to be "at". As parents, we continue to be extremely proud of our Kings Pointer and of our association with Kings Point. I have become an admissions field rep for Kings Point and do other volunteer work in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area as well for KP. I hope you find your KP years as satisfying as we continue to find ours.

    Your DS's will accomplish and do so much in the next four years and you will be along for the ride. Consider yourself lucky as only a few get that privilege. Believe it or not, your four years will fly by and you will have the high honor of watching your "firstie" walk across that graduation stage. I know it seems so far away now, but, believe me, it is only the blink of an eye away.

    I encourage you to get involved in your local Parents' Association. You will learn much and have a lot of great times with a lot of other KP parents and families. Visit KP when you can and as often as you can as it is a great place to get to know on a personal basis.

    So, the journey begins. I am so proud of each and every one who has made the commitment to be a Kings Pointer. Enjoy every minute.

    ACTA NON VERBA! Congratulations.
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    Ditto Kram1. Just watched my son walk across and get his diploma....the four years fly by.

    Great advice! Also, for new parents, the national parents association is very active and there to help you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact one of us.

    All contact information is on the webisite (fyi, soon we will be moving to the Alumni Foundation website). http://site.usmmanationalparentsassociation.info/Home.html

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