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Nov 17, 2006
My son was having a hard time last year - lots of stress in his life. We sent him to talk to a counselor. This doctor prescribed Wellbutrin which my son took for three months. He decided he didn't need it after that. Will this affect his status? He has not had any of his exams yet. Thank you.
my friend applied to usafa last year. he took some kind of antidepressant a year or two prior to applying. he was disqualified. i'm not sure if he went through the waiver process and everything, but he didn't get in. i'm really not sure what your case is, i'm just giving you a heads up.

gluck on everything!
I don't know if it's disqualifying or not, I'm sure our resident corpsman will have some great insight. But if it is, I wonder if you can't claim it was Zyban instead of Wellbutrin (same drug, different names for different uses). Zyban is used for smoking cessation, whereas Wellbutrin is an antidepressant.

Probably not the best idea to try and pull off in the world though
Any mental health issue is looked at closely by DoDMERB, and each case is different. If your son was only on medication for a few months, and hasn't had any other issues since then, most likely it will be looked at as a transient issue and, if it happened a couple of years ago, most likely it will be cleared. It gets more interesting when an applicant has taken medication or gone through counseling for multiple years, or if the issue happened recently.

When DoDMERB requests the medical records on the issue, I would get all of them, and include a statement from the applicant explaining what happened in their words and how they cope with the issues now.