West Point Admission Chances?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by jordan5551, Sep 8, 2014.

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    I'm am curious what everyone thinks about my chances of admission to USMA. I am a junior, I have a 3.9 unweighted gpa and a 4.069 weighted I am taking 5 honors classes including: AP Chem, Hnrs English, AP U.S History, Pre-calculus, and Physics. I will only take 3 math classes in high school this is due to my school not offering trig and me having skipped a year in math so I took alg.1 in 8th grade but I will take 5 advanced science courses with at least 4 of those being honors 1 being AP and 2 being concurrent college courses. I do have a year of a foreign language. I am the tournament director of the debate team( team captain) as a junior. I will be a 3 year varsity tennis player but will be involved all 4 years . I am also heavily involved in theatre. The show I was the lead in last year won state I'm the lead in the show again this year. I am in the following clubs/ Hnrs societies: FCA( on the leadership board),NHS, Science NHS, international thespian society, national forensics league, prom committee, spirit club, and drama club. I have done over 150 hours of volunteer work at a local hospital and am also on a student council advisory board for the hospital. My PLAN score was a 24 (28 ACT equivalence). Then I scored a 25 on the ACT I'm taking the SAT in Oct. I'm. In the top 10% of my class of 179 my school is a blue ribbon school. I was just wondering what people thought about my chances of getting in are if you have any questions please ask
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    Do you want to serve as an officer in the United States Army? You didn't mention that.

    A good place to start is this pinned post at the top of the USMA page:


    Compare your stats to admitted students to get an idea of what West Point looks for.
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    If I am correct, you will need to figure out a way to get a 2nd year of foreign language because that is a requirement for admissions.
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    There are no required high school classes for admissions, only recommended classes to include two years of foreign language.

    From West Point Admissions Website

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    Currently your ACT of 25 is low, so figure out which test you do better on after this SAT, and retake that to improve. 30% of your admission file is test scores, while only 15% is leadership in extra curricular and 15% leadership in sports. Try to get at least a 30 overall ACT and become team captain for tennis your senior year. Unfortunately, your PLAN score doesn't mean anything, so there is no reason to include it. GPA wise, not bad, and softs show wide interests. Keep pushing forward, and don't slack off as high school winds down.

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