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    If anyone has any insight into this, or any input at all, could you please help clear this up?

    My high school recognizes my GPA as a 3.1.
    However, after sending my transcript to the Army ROTC scholarship, my ROTC portal began to recognize it as a 3.7 GPA unweighted. After inquiry to ROTC,the reply was along the lines of they had to recalculate it based to their scaling so that it was fair because it is a national merit based scholarship.

    Will West Point do the same and recognize it as a 3.7 unweighted? Or will West Point recognize the 3.1 that my school has noted on my transcript?
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    I am interested to see that answer too. I know for USAFA they will reweight it to their algorithm because even in the same state or district schools are different.

    For example No. VA is very competitive academically when you place it against Blacksburg VA. Yet, the Senator can have both of these candidates on their slate. Thus, they need to reweight the candidates even on the same slate.

    Somebody will be charged to that Senator. The others will go to the national pool. Hence, it will become like AROTC scholarship for those that do not get charged to an MOC. Or about 50% of appointments.

    Beware though, it might not be the same as AROTC because they could have a different algorithm.
    ~ Anecdotally from years ago when DS1 went through, his portal on USAFA showed a higher cgpa than his transcript. 0.25 higher. It had a lot to do with the fact that his school used a 7 point scale. A 93 was a 3.6 A 90 was a 3.4. 86 was a 3.2. Our DD went to a different HS and an 86 was a 3.4, and the 90 was a 3.6.

    Do you have a hard copy of your SAT? Did you send your scores electronically to the schools. If so,and if it hasn't changed it should show you what the schools would rejig you to for your cgpa. Colleges also will redo your cgpa with their own formula.
    Good luck
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    West Point does not use GPA in their determination of WCS. Instead, they use Class Rank and then can make an adjustment based on the competitiveness of the school as determined by the percentage of graduates that go onto college. Also, the WCS is weighted more towards the SAT/ACT than HS rank to lessen the impact of school and local differences when looking nationally.

    To use Pima's example:
    Candidate 1 goes to a competitive N.VA school, has a GPA of 3.1 and a rank of 30/100. The 30/100 goes into the algorithm and then based on the % of grads that go onto college, there is the potential for a bonus.
    Candidate 2 has a 3.9 GPA and a rank of 20/100. While the 20/100 is stronger for WCS, since the school is not as competitive, there is no adjustment to the WCS.

    So Candidate 2 might be the strongest in their congressional district, but maybe not so much on a state level when competing against 1.

    Further, if candidate 2 does not do as well on a standardize test as Candidate 1 since their school better prepared them to excel, they would have less of a chance to compete at the state and national level.

    For WP, unlike AROTC, your first and primary competition is locally in your district, then your state (think big states like California and Texas where getting a senate nom is tough), and then lastly nationally. The system is designed to try to smooth out those regional differences without giving advantage to one group or another. The take away is: do your best in the circumstances that you have (not everyone can go to a great competitive school) and study for your standardized tests as those really are the difference makers.

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