West Point SLE 2021


Feb 15, 2019
I get this, but the wording is “congratulations, you have been chosen from among thousands” which makes it sound like an honor.

I was just wondering how many slots they have this year. I think there are typically 1200 or so?
For current c/o 2024, there were 2 in-person weeks of 500 each, so yes, about 1000 total. Last year was cancelled completely, and with this year being virtual and having six sections, no one knows yet how many they were able to accommodate online. Could go either way: more people b/c not limited by space/barracks and they are all at home, or less people b/c you can't exactly manage unlimited numbers of people in workshop sessions via Teams. I imagine after someone on here attends the first session, they could report back at the end and tell how many "graduated" from that section?


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Apr 18, 2010
I disagree with your comparison to Publisher’s Clearing House. If that were the case, they would just have you give your name and address and ask if you’re interested in attending, and the email wouldn’t say “Your selection to SLE does more than invite you to attend the seminar. It also confirms you as one of our very top candidates for admission.”
Otherwise, they really need to change this email.

They really do. Most of you are rising seniors at the moment. You are about to begin the onslaught of mail and communications from colleges. This type of language is typical and, truth be told, does not mean you are special. Thousands of potential applicants receive these types of communications from schools. Please don’t read anything in to it. As more schools get in touch with you, you'll see what I mean!

@VelveteenR is spot on in her assessment of SA summer programs. They are for candidates to check out academy life and decide if it's for them, not for the academy to begin saying yea or nay to potential candidates even before an official application has been submitted.