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    I am currently a HS sophomore and I am planning to apply to West Point. I believe that I am fairly competitive for admission. I have a 3.9 unweighted GPA with 1 AP and 2 Honors classes, I am on student government and yearbook, and I am playing my 2nd year of JV rugby this spring, and I will probably be a captain. Anyway, the sign-up for the Army summer rugby camp is soon, and I was wondering if I will have a slight edge for admission if I attend. I am definatley going no matter what, but I am just wondering if it will help show interest in the academy. By the way, the website says that on the last day of the camp an admissions rep will be there to answer questions for prospective candidates. Also, what other programs does West Point have that I can do to show interest or just
    learn more about West Point (besides SLS, I plan on applying to that). Thanks
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    West Point runs a whole lot of these summer programs for a variety of sports - I only particularly know about their Women's Volleyball and Soccer ones, but I guarantee you there are others. I know about how they bring a admissions officer in to answer any questions - they use these camps to reach athletes who might make good cadets but don't know what USMA offers in terms of sports.

    I do not think attending will give you an edge any more than attending any other Rugby summer program - if it will make you a better athlete who is more competitive and more appealing to potential recruiters, definitely go for it, but it doesn't directly effect admission chances as far as I know.

    I'm sure you could find out about other summer programs for high schoolers by contacting coaches of specific sports you are interested in.

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