West Point Summers


USMA 2025
Dec 12, 2020
What does a typical summer look like for a West Point Cadet (not counting Beast) and what kind of training do Cadets go through? How is the summer typically structured? I understand COVID-19 likely alters how it is run, but what was training like pre-COVID? Thanks in advance.
Here is a link to summer training on West point website: Summer Military Training

Required Summer Training:
  1. Cadet Field Training (CFT): At Camp Buckner after Plebe year
  2. Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT): Sort of like an internship with an Army unit. Either after 2nd or 3rd year
  3. Cadet Leader Development Training (CLDT): a "mini Ranger School" focusing on small unit tactics. At end of 3rd or 4th year
Optional Military Training
  • Most Cadets do Air Assault School or Airborne School
  • Some other options such as Sapper School
Academic Internships:
Varies by major and interest. Includes working in businesses or government agencies such as Department of Defense, FBI, etc.
There are a few more moving pieces than the simple answer of a detail.

Basically each summer is split into 3 blocks. Cadets have to schedule at least two of the blocks each summer

Mandatory Items are:
1. Cadet Field Training - Completed during second summer
2. Cadet Leadership detail - Can be Beast, CFT, CDLT, Summer Garrison
3. Cadet Development Leader Training (CDLT)
4. Individual Development, Can be Military, Academic or Physical. These are things like Military schools, internships, etc.

The cadets can choice additional Individual Developments or take leave during the other open block.