West Point to open nearly 200-year-old time capsule found at Kosciuszko monument on 8/28


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Dec 12, 2012
As a history buff I love these stories, Viking Swords, Roman Gold and all long ago things newly found. Kosciuszko has an interesting story prior to 1776 and after. Can't wait to see.
That missing grade book from English showing Charles Mason did not exceed Robert E. Lee's scores and should have been second in the order of merit for graduation.

Oh, the scandal!
I had to miss it. Had planned to was live. Bummer!! But, Brad Pitt was there so that’s cool!
Wow. That’s awesome.

I wonder if there is a significance to the years. I hope we find out the fair market value.
Some valuable coins...the 1800 dollar...okay, can't tell the condition of the coins, but let's say it's in XF40...it's @$4,000, the 1795 Half Dime, if it's XF40 is $3,000 - $4,000. The other three...not much. The 1818 quarter, if it's the elusive 1818/5...that's a different story, it'd be @$1,500 - $2,000 in XF40. Of course, if they're in better condition, and you can't tell from the pictures, then it changes.

Still...not a small sum back in 1828.


Looking closer at the dollar, it might be the 1800 "dotted date" dollar. If so, then if it is XF40, it's trend is approaching $5,500.