We've got good news and bad news.........

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    Well, it's all news of some sorts. There has to be a silver lining somewhere. A test of perseverance, growing as an individual, coping with adversity - something!

    Son had shoulder surgery from an injury at SLE in May. DoDMERB came back today.

    He failed the PIP but passed the Farnsworth and vivid red/green. It says he is a pending DQ for color vision not meeting sea standards. Took awhile for his file to be sent as there was an issue at the optometrist with information. How can we get a repeat Farnsworth test?

    His shoulder is also a pending DQ but they requested a remedial and AMI. How long are they pending? Too late to call his tech.

    The color vision surprised me as he passed the Farnsworth. He is attending CVW next month for the Naval Academy. Can we request a rebuttal? We knew the shoulder was coming.The vision was surprising but will follow up tomorrow with the Dr.

    Son still positive. :)

    Thanks in advance!
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