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    I thought the attached link might be useful for everyone to see when you start to wonder why or how the infrastructure in and around the Academy Grounds need work at the level they currently do.

    Attached is an FBO Award announcement for the Training Vessel Kings Pointer's FY11 draydock for just under $1M for what really is just the normal, routine type of stuff a vessel like this regularly requires.

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    Newbie here. How often does this maintainence get done? How long does it take? How long will the Kings Pointer be away from campus? I notice it is a Florida company, does that mean that is where the work will be done? Or it like asking Mrs. Lincoln what she wore to the theater, completely beside the point ?
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    Vessels are required to be drydocked at 2.5 year intervals.. unless they have been approved for UWILD (under water inspection in lieu of drydocking). Then the interval is every 5 years.
    It depends on how much work is called for in the DDX spec and how many change orders are eventually written to either increase or decrease the scope of the work.. In this particular case my guess is that the KINGS POINTER will be in the yard at least a couple of weeks or more.
    I've been in the yard for as short a time as 36 hours (‘on the blocks’ at China Ship in Kaohsiung Taiwan to remove a fishing net from the stern seal) to 90 days (for major torque tube/shaft/strut bearing, hull sandblasting/coating and structural conversion work). Again it just depends on what needs to be done.
    looks like they're going to NORTH FLORIDA SHIPYARDS Jacksonville facility..
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