what are my 2013 chances?


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Aug 8, 2008
I'm a recent high school 2008 graduate. I applied to USNA for the class of 2012, and in early spring I received a conditonal appointment. I was DQed by DoDMERB for allergic manifestations, and my waiver was later denied. I have been working with my allergist to prove that my allergy to nuts is almost nonexistent. I did indeed have two reactions, but they were both induced by exercise 45 minutes after having eaten walnuts (it's called FOOD DEPENDENT EXERCISE INDUCED ANAPHYLAXIS). Last week, long after the waiver denial, I had an oral challenge with peanut butter and walnuts. There was no reaction at all, no hives, no itching, no redness, absolutely nothing. I'm not sure that the waiver board knew the severity or lackthereof with respect to my "allergy."Is it worth applying to USNA all over again after a year at college? That being said, I also applied to NROTC last year and got the scholarship pending my medical qualification. Obviously, I never got that waiver either. I've wanted to go to the Naval Academy my entire life, and this is not a good story for those of us with sensitivities to nuts. Is there any hope?
You should post this on the DoDMERB forum to Larry Mullen - I am sure he can give you some help and at least a good explanation.