What are my chances for the Army ROTC scholarship?


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Jan 3, 2018
I have a 3.7 weighted gpa, 3.5 unweighted. My SAT's aren't the best, they are a 1040 but I'm planning on retaking them. However I'm applying to the 3rd board so my new scores when I retake the SAT's won't be included, I would've applied earlier, but my instructor at JROTC just informed us about the scholarship so I didn't know much about it until recently. I'm applying to an in state public school (University of Maine) as well as an in state (one of the top affordable) private school (Husson University). I'd prefer Husson.
The sports I was involved in was track and field freshmen and sophomore year (no JV or varsity for this sport at my school), Cross country freshmen year (again there was no JV or Varsity for this sport at my school), Equestrian outside of school (horse back riding) all 4 years, and cheering my junior year (JV).

majoring in nursing, accepted to Husson for Nursing
3.7 gpa weighted/3.5 unweighted
1040 new SAT (my only drawback) :(
Leadership through JROTC (I was in JROTC for 3 years and became a staff sergeant.)
Track,Cross Country, Cheering (JV), Equestrian
I work 2 jobs as a waitress/cook and I oversee a barn
Volunteer work (I don't have a crazy ton because I work 2 jobs) I tutor and teach many other high school students in math
I'm a trainer at my waitressing/cook job and I train new employees.
Teacher's assistant for one year during my junior year

I know my chances for a 4 yr scholarship is slim, but what about a 3 yr or 2 yr?

Thanks in advance!!! :)
This is a US Naval Academy forum... there are ROTC and Army specific sections. You might get better advice there, but as a general comment ...get the APPLICATION IN ASAP, and don't worry about chances. 100% of those that don't complete the application in a timely manner will not get a scholarship.
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My DS had "slightly" higher SAT scores but on the "old" SAT format back in 2015. However his GPA, sports and EC's were not that far off from yours.

Because he was so focused on USNA during his senior year of HS, my DS did not apply for an Army ROTC scholarship until he enrolled as an Army ROTC "walk-on" at his state college during his freshman year. He did well on the APFT, and got over a 3.25 his first semester. He ended up earning a 3 year campus based AROTC scholarship which was later extended to 3.5 years. He will graduate and commission in 2019.

Keep in mind that this will vary year to year, and also may be different according to regional "brigade." (My DS is in the Western U.S. or 8th Brigade, Maine is in the 2nd Brigade).

Your best bet to find out how you look would be to reach out to the Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) at the University of Maine and schedule a meeting with him/her. (Husson's AROTC program is operated out of U of M).

Good luck!
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Any chance you can take the ACT and submit the scores before the deadline for the third board?
So since you are nursing your funds come from a different source of money. I would take the advice above and reach out to each school's ROO. At my school (also in 2nd BDE) there is a nurse mission of x2 cadets a year group, in other words my program needs to commission x2 nurses a year. This can work in your favor, for example; there are no nurses in the year group above yours this could potentially mean the nurse slots for your year group could be increased to "pick up the slack." With that being said focus on what you can control, grades, SATs/ACTs, interview, and PFA. Best of luck!!
How many times have you taken the SAT? Have you tried the ACT? Some score better on one than the other.