What are my chances of an AFROTC scholarship?

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    I just finished my sophomore year of high school and have narrowed it down to two branches I'd like to apply to for a scholarship. Army ROTC and AFROTC. I'd like to know the chances I have for an AFROTC scholarship. I have not yet taken my SAT's or ACT's and I only have a rough estimate of my GPA as we don't get those released to us until next year. However I'll give you the rest of the info I have right now.

    I currently have only 1 AP class on my schedule for next year however I'd like to change it to at least 2. By the end of senior year I'll have around 4 or 5 AP classes under my belt. My school has about 10 AP classes available. How competitive can this make me? My GPA as of now is a 96 or translated into a 3.8-3.9. I finished all 4 quarters of sophomore year with a 96 and above average. Freshman year I finished with all 4 quarters at around a 92-94 averages. However my transcript is not so hot, how much is this weighed into the process ?

    I have held a steady job since I was 15 years old and have been there for around a year and plan on keeping it up until I graduate. I took control of the shop at night after 2 months of being employed and closed it all down by myself every night. I don't know how much of a leadership position that is though ? I am enrolled in my local US Naval Sea Cadet division and will be attending recruit training for that this summer. By the end of high school I will hopefully be a petty officer 3rd class leading one of our companies. I play football and run track. I will be on varsity football this year and next and have played since freshman. I was captain of our defense this past year. In track I hurdle and throw shot and discus. I have been part of the team since freshman year. I made the varsity team this year as a sophomore and will be my junior and senior year. In discus I was invited to all but one of our divisions invitationals and made it all the way up to our county's track sectionals.

    All I would like to know is how competitive do I look as of now and what can I add on and improve? Thank you .

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