What are my chances of an ROTC Scholarship?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Rumer1313, Jul 10, 2016.

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    Apr 22, 2016
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    Hi guys! I am now a senior in high school and currently applying for an Army ROTC scholarship. Let me know what you think my chances may be!
    I am applying to mainly private schools 20k+ tuition
    My credentials are :
    -GPA: 3.87 unweighted (no AP classes because the were not offered at my school) but I have 3 college credits
    -SAT 1280, Math 680, Reading and Writing 600
    - 10th grade Class Vice President
    - Varsity Captain of Basketball team
    - Owner of my own lawn care business (Fresh Cut Lawn Care)
    - Assistant teacher of 5th grade Spanish Class
    -Coach of Youth Basketball team
    -Team Leader (Supervisor) ar Chick Fila
    - Job at Chick-Fila for 3 years (20 hours a week)
    -Lawn Care Business
    - 3 years of Varsity Basketball
    -Boxing for 2 years (competed in Pensylvania Golden Gloves)
    -volunteer tutoring for 2 years with remedial students
    -2016 Accounting Academic Award at my school
    -competing in ACSI art competition
    -Defensive Player of the year for Basketball
    - 6:01 mile time, 55 push ups in one minute 54 sit ups in one minute
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    I'd say you're definitely competitive. Now if you'll pardon me, your resume exhausted me, I need a nap.
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    Jul 12, 2016
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    I'm going to be a senior in high school this fall and I will be applying to AFROTC and NROTC. I'm a female and my father was in the Airforce for over 20 years. My Weigted GPA is 4.39 and I'm in the top 5% of a highly competitive class. My extracurricular are rather unique so I'm not sure of my chances of getting a scholarship.
    I started a small business of training and grooming dogs and horses. I'm an avid equestrian so I ride everyday as well which has limited my I'm school participation with sports. And I played JV lacrosse sophomore year and then moved up to varsity for my Junior year but I don't have time senior year to play a school sport. I took 4 APs junior year and will take 5 senior year and a dual enrollment class at my local community college. I volunteer around 400 hours a year (at least 8 each week). I received a presidential award for my volunteering this past year. I'm the president of a small language club and I created a new club that I will be the president of senior year. I am also a member of the science national honor society and Math national honor society as well as the National honor society. I just took my first ACT and without any prep or studying I got a 30. I'm hoping to get it up to at least a 32 but I'm not a great test taker.
    I'm really hoping to get an ROTC scholarship and I appreciate any advice or thoughts on how competitive I will be. Thanks!
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    Don't worry about your resume. The reason why they look for sports and captain spots are to show leadership abilities. If you can do well on the physical fitness aspect that'll be plenty to show them. Through starting that business and starting these clubs you are well above your peers. Stress those experiences and you'll do great. For chances...If I had to say under/over 50% I would say you are over a 50% chance. Take that as you will.
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