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    I am currently a junior in high school and I would like to know what you think of my chances of being admitted into west point.
    My high school is a little different than others. It is a public magnet career academy that specializes in marine sciences, engineering, and technology. There aren't different levels of classes; all classes are considered honors. We are a NJROTC distinguished unit with honors.
    Publicly, the school does not give class rank, but I talked with my guidance counselor and he confirmed that I am in the top 5% out of 70. I have a 95.3 cumulative gpa and I take ap calc AB. Next year I will take ap calc BC and ap physics. I took the sat in November and got a 1920 (650 cr, 650 m, 620 w) without preparing at all. I plan to take it again in March after taking a course. I got a 197 (64 cr, 69 m, 64 w) on the psat.
    I hope to play baseball at west point. I am able to play baseball for my home high school and I will have two letters by time I graduate. My travel coach, who is a professional scout, thinks that I am good enough to play for army. I have contacted the coach already and have filled out the recruiting questionairre on the website.
    I have not been involved in drill or color guard for njrotc because I can't make a commitment due to baseball. I plan on applying for a chief position next year and I think I have a good chance at getting it. I am a member of national honor society and I am thinking of running for office. I am part of key club, mock trial, Latin club (which I will be an officer of next year), and will be on Latin honor society this spring. As for out of school activities, I run an annual collection for troops overseas in coordination with AUSA. I also coach a baseball clinic that includes kids with autism and add. Over the summer I plan on volunteering at the local hospital and I am looking into a psychology internship.
    I just received my offer to sls and I am applying for boys state also. I was hoping to get an opinion on how competitve I look for boys state, nomination, and admission to west point. Thanks.
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    You look great! You actually have a lot of things going for you; one being that you go to a unique high school. While some people believe this is inhibits your competitiveness, I actually think it makes applicant stand out. Again, this is my own personal theory, but admissions personnel are now going to spend more time on your application due to its very nature.
    Your SATs and academic class selection look great. Of course, I won't tell you not to take the ACT or the SAT again, but I think your scores are competitive as they are. You sports are good and having two letters are awesome.

    The only thing you need to focus on now is securing those leadership positions you've talked about. Being an officer is great; being a president or VP is even better. Talk to your NJROTC officer and see if he'll compromise with you. My AFJROTC instructor knows that I play football, so he tries to coordinate with me so I can do both. As for the other clubs that you may get a leadership position in, make sure you maintain whatever it is you're doing; apparently it's working! :thumb:

    Good luck to you!
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    Bring those SAT scores up. That's the best way to bring up your chances. Of course the other recommendations apply as well. Find out what you need to do to get a JROTC nomination. Pursue as many noms as possible as it too will increase your chances. Good luck.

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